Broken Spring Replacement

garage door repair wake forest broken spring replacement

Broken Garage Door Spring Replacement – The replacement of broken garage door spring has a share of almost half of all our garage door repairs we are preforming in Garage Door Repair Wake Forest NC. If your garage door is stuck and can’t be open and everything looks normal, there is a big chance you have a broken torsion garage door spring, to know for sure you just need to take a quick look above the garage door opening and see if the spring is broke for two pieces or not.

Standard garage door weigh around 300lbs, when the garage door spring in your garage door breaks there is almost nothing else that carry the garage door weight so you should never try and lift it by yourself, it is very heavy and can be dangerous to for your own safety if it falls on you and it can also can result additional damage to other parts of your garage door system, what obviously will cause additional expenses to repair it.

Our Garage Door Repair Wake Forest NC technicians carries on their work vehicles and vans all sizes of garage door springs that can take place in a broken garage door spring replacement jobs in standard garage doors (between 40 to 50 different sizes of garage door spring), so when you are requesting a broken garage door spring replacement service from us at Garage Door Repair Wake Forest NC we can absolutely promise you to replace your garage door spring fast, professionally and without any additional trips back to the supplier to find the right garage door spring to preform this specific repair.

Even though most of the garage door systems today are built with torsion springs and not built with extension springs like in the past, we do provide our garage door spring repair service weather if you are having garage door extension spring system or garage door torsion spring system in your house.

Our Garage Door Repair Wake Forest NC experts are also specialized in converting garage door extension spring system to garage door torsion springs system, that consider by experts as better, more efficient and safer garage door springs system to have in your home.